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Metagenomic prediction of antimicrobial resistance in critically ill patients with lower respiratory tract infections.

Genome medicine

Serpa PH, Deng X, Abdelghany M, Crawford E, Malcolm K, Caldera S, Fung M, McGeever A, Kalantar KL, Lyden A, Ghale R, Deiss T, Neff N, Miller SA, Doernberg SB, Chiu CY, DeRisi JL, Calfee CS, Langelier CR

Prolonged silent carriage, genomic virulence potential and transmission between staff and patients characterize a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Infection control and hospital epidemiology

Madera S, McNeil N, Serpa PH, Kamm J, Pak C, Caughell C, Nichols A, Dynerman D, Li LM, Sanchez-Guerrero E, Phelps MS, Detweiler AM, Neff N, Reyes H, Miller SA, Yokoe DS, DeRisi JL, Ramirez-Avila L, Langelier CR

Randomized Trial of Lactin-V to Prevent Recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey

Craig R. Cohen, Michael R. Wierzbicki, Audrey L. French, Sheldon Morris, Sara Newmann, Hilary Reno, Lauri Green, Steve Miller, Jonathan Powell, Thomas Parks, Anke Hemmerling

839. Effect of Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile) Toxin Test Reporting on Clinical Treatment and Outcomes of Toxin-Negative PCR-Positive Patients at Five California Hospitals.

Open forum infectious diseases

Christopher R Polage, Jonathan Grein, Margie Morgan, Sarah B Doernberg, Steve Miller, Raymond Chinn, Cathy Woerle, Jennifer Yim, Cassiana Bittencourt, Sneha Krishna, Nicolle Anne Ocampo, Laurel Gibbs, Shannon C Mabalot, Kathleen A Quan, Usme Khusbu, Keith M Madey, Czarina Ganzon, Fatemeh Memar, Christian B Pascual, Stuart Cohen, Catherine Liu, Deborah S Yokoe, Susan S Huang

Clinical metagenomics.

Nature reviews. Genetics

Chiu CY, Miller SA

2291. A Real-Time Sequencing Approach for Simultaneous Metagenomic and Transcriptomic-Based Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases.

Open forum infectious diseases

Benjamin Briggs, Scot Federman, Xian Ding Deng, Wei Gu, Guixia Yu, Claudia Sanchez San Martin, Steve Miller, Charles Y Chiu

2563. Clinical Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing for Diagnosis of Meningitis and Encephalitis.

Open forum infectious diseases

Michael Wilson, Hannah Sample, Kelsey Zorn, Samia N Naccache, Steve Miller, Charles Y Chiu

Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing for Pathogen Detection and Identification.

Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology

Steve Miller, Charles Chiu

Neurobrucellosis: Unexpected Answer From Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing.

Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

Mongkolrattanothai K, Naccache SN, Bender JM, Samayoa E, Pham E, Yu G, Dien Bard J, Miller S, Aldrovandi G, Chiu CY

Monitoring for Viral Infections in Transplant Patients.

Clinical Microbiology Newsletter

Steve Miller

Draft Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium heckeshornense Strain RLE.

Genome announcements

Greninger AL, Cunningham G, Chiu CY, Miller S

Draft Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium heraklionense Strain Davo.

Genome announcements

Greninger AL, Cunningham G, Chiu CY, Miller S

Draft Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium elephantis Strain Lipa.

Genome announcements

Greninger AL, Cunningham G, Yu JM, Hsu ED, Chiu CY, Miller S

Draft Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium arupense Strain GUC1.

Genome announcements

Greninger AL, Cunningham G, Yu JM, Hsu ED, Chiu CY, Miller S

Draft Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium obuense Strain UC1, Isolated from Patient Sputum.

Genome announcements

Greninger AL, Cunningham G, Hsu ED, Yu JM, Chiu CY, Miller S

Chapter 11 Solid and Suspension Microarrays for Microbial Diagnostics.

Steve Miller, Ulas Karaoz, Eoin Brodie, Sherry Dunbar

Two Rapidly Growing Mycobacterial Species Isolated from a Brain Abscess: First Whole-Genome Sequences of Mycobacterium immunogenum and Mycobacterium llatzerense.

Journal of clinical microbiology

Greninger AL, Langelier C, Cunningham G, Keh C, Melgar M, Chiu CY, Miller S

Diagnosis of neuroinvasive astrovirus infection in an immunocompromised adult with encephalitis by unbiased next-generation sequencing.

Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Naccache SN, Peggs KS, Mattes FM, Phadke R, Garson JA, Grant P, Samayoa E, Federman S, Miller S, Lunn MP, Gant V, Chiu CY

A cloud-compatible bioinformatics pipeline for ultrarapid pathogen identification from next-generation sequencing of clinical samples.

Genome research

Naccache SN, Federman S, Veeraraghavan N, Zaharia M, Lee D, Samayoa E, Bouquet J, Greninger AL, Luk KC, Enge B, Wadford DA, Messenger SL, Genrich GL, Pellegrino K, Grard G, Leroy E, Schneider BS, Fair JN, Martínez MA, Isa P, Crump JA, DeRisi JL, Sittler T, Hackett J, Miller S, Chiu CY

Actionable diagnosis of neuroleptospirosis by next-generation sequencing.

The New England journal of medicine

Wilson MR, Naccache SN, Samayoa E, Biagtan M, Bashir H, Yu G, Salamat SM, Somasekar S, Federman S, Miller S, Sokolic R, Garabedian E, Candotti F, Buckley RH, Reed KD, Meyer TL, Seroogy CM, Galloway R, Henderson SL, Gern JE, DeRisi JL, Chiu CY

First report of tenosynovitis in an immunocompetent person caused by Mycobacterium heraklionense.

JMM Case Reports

Malak Abedalthagafi, Oren Rosenberg, Steve Miller

Using a pan-viral microarray assay (Virochip) to screen clinical samples for viral pathogens.

Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE

Chen EC, Miller SA, DeRisi JL, Chiu CY

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 infection in patients with hematologic malignancy.

Emerging infectious diseases

Liu C, Schwartz BS, Vallabhaneni S, Nixon M, Chin-Hong PV, Miller SA, Chiu C, Damon L, Drew WL

Thoracic CT findings of novel influenza A (H1N1) infection in immunocompromised patients.

Emergency radiology

Elicker BM, Schwartz BS, Liu C, Chen EC, Miller SA, Chiu CY, Webb WR

Gene expression patterns during adaptation of a helminth parasite to different environmental niches.

Genome biology

Jolly ER, Chin CS, Miller S, Bahgat MM, Lim KC, DeRisi J, McKerrow JH

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