Antimicrobial Susceptibility at UCSF Adult Hospitals (Parnassus, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion)

These reports are aggregated from clinical isolates submitted to the UCSF Clinical Microbiology Laboratory from adult patients at the UCSF Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Mt. Zion locations and are meant to guide clinicians in selecting empiric therapy. Patient characteristics must be incorporated in determining risks and therapy should be modified based on susceptibility testing results when available. Breakpoints for susceptibility are via CLSI guidelines. This page was last updated 6/23/23. 

Methodology Notes

Current Susceptibility Data

Inpatient and Intensive Care Unit

Gram-Negative Organisms

Gram-Positive Organisms


Gram-Positive Organisms


Historical Antibiograms

Standard Adult Antibiograms

  • Reporting of susceptibility to commonly used antimicrobials among inpatients and outpatients, broken down by organism

Standard Adult Antibiogram 2021 (PDF)

Standard Adult Antibiogram 2020 (PDF)

Standard Adult Antibiogram 2019 (PDF)

Incidence-Weighted Location-specific Gram-negative Combination Antibiograms

  • Susceptibility of aggregated Gram-negative organisms to single agents and to combinations, stratified by location at time of culture (ED, floor, ICU)

Incidence-Weighted Location-specific Gram-negative Combination Antibiogram 2017-2020