Jennifer Babik, MD, PhD

+1 415 502-6688

Jennifer Babik specializes in clinical infectious diseases with a particular focus on infections in immunocompromised hosts. She attends on the Immunocompromised Host and General Infectious Diseases Consult Services, the Internal Medicine teaching wards, and has clinic in the Infectious Diseases Practice at UCSF Medical Center.

She is very interested in medical education and has two main educational leadership roles. She is the Associate Program Director for Subspecialty Education for the Internal Medicine Residency and the Assistant Program Director for Curriculum for the Infectious Diseases Fellowship. She gives clinical lectures for students, residents and fellows in residency and fellowship core lecture series. She also gives lectures to medical, pharmacy, and dental students and is a small group leader in the medical student course Pathogens and Host Defense. Her primary interests in medical educational are creating innovative ways to teach clinical infectious diseases to learners at all levels, developing best practices for effective teaching by consultants, and curriculum development for subspecialty education within internal medicine residency training.


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