Jennifer Mulliken, MD

Medical Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship at VA Medical Center San Francisco
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Mulliken is an infectious disease specialist who attends at San Francisco VA Medical Center, where she sees patients on the infectious disease consult service, in the outpatient HIV/infectious disease clinic, and on the inpatient medicine wards. She completed her medical education and internal medicine residency at NYU, where she also served as senior chief resident, before completing fellowship training in infectious disease at UCSF. In addition to her clinical activities, Jennifer serves as Medical Director of Antibiotic Stewardship at San Francisco VA Medical Center.

Jennifer is interested in medical education across all levels of learners. She leads a small group seminar for medical students in the Pathogens and Host Defense course, and she gives lectures to students, residents, and fellows in the residency and fellowship core lecture series. In addition, Jennifer is a coach in the UCSF ID fellowship program and a RAD advisor for UCSF internal medicine residents.


Response to: Is Burnout Infectious? Understanding Drivers of Burnout and Job Satisfaction Among Academic Infectious Diseases Physicians.

Open forum infectious diseases

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Open Forum Infectious Disease

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Development of an Infectious Diseases Fellowship Well-Being Program

Open Forum Infectious Disease

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Open forum infectious diseases

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