Process for Ordering Restricted Antimicrobials at UCSFMC & UCSFBCH

Modified Date: 
January 1, 2017

Following these procedures will expedite administration of antimicrobials to your patients and reduce unnecessary work

When ordering NON-restricted antimicrobials:

-To complete an order for a non-restricted antimicrobial, you MUST select an indication from the list of checkboxes. If you select the antimicrobial as part of an order set, the appropriate box should be pre-checked. You can only select one box per drug.

-If none of the listed indications apply, please select Additional Clinical Indications and enter a freetext indication

-The “Suspected Pathogens” field is optional. If there is a documented or suspected pathogen you can click the magnifying glass and select from the list of pathogens.

When ordering RESTRICTED antimicrobials (list of restricted antimicrobials):

-To complete an order for a restricted antimicrobial, you MUST select an indication from the buttons. If your patient has one of the listed indications (if there are any listed), you may select that indication and complete the order. Hold the mouse over the button to see the full text of the indications.

-If your patient does not have one of the listed indications, or if there are no indications listed besides “Other”, you must obtain an antibiotic approval number from an ID clinician -- either the consulting ID fellow or the Antimicrobial Stewardship On-Call clinician (443-9421 or pagerbox).  After you have obtained the approval number, select "Other" and enter the approval code into the comments field before completing the order.

-Between 5pm and 8am, a single dose of the drug may be released by entering “11111” in the comments field. The order will be stopped after a single dose and must be RE-ORDERED after ID approval is obtained.