UCSF Medical Center Parnassus Heights

Azole Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Reference document for adult azole therapeutic drug monitoring, adjustments and considerations

Vancomycin Infusion Reaction

Guidance for management of vancomycin infusion reaction in adult patients

Extended Infusion Beta-Lactams

Adult Extended Infusion Beta-Lactam Guideline for ceftazidime, cefepime, and meropenem

Gram-negative Bloodstream Infection

Guidance for converting from IV to PO therapy in patients with bloodstream infection due to Gram-negative pathogens (Enterobacterales)

Breast Tissue Expander Infection

Guidelines for management of infections of tissue expanders.

Antibiotic Lock Therapy

Guideline for the use of antibiotic lock therapy in adults

Rapid Gram-positive Blood Culture

These guidelines inform selection and modification of antibiotic therapy based on preliminary blood culture results. They are not intended to replace clinical judgement


Guidelines for diagnosis and management of influenza

Process for Ordering Restricted Antimicrobials at UCSFMC & UCSFBCH

Step-by-step procedure for ordering restricted antimicrobials