Valganciclovir (Valcyte)

Dosing: Adult Antimicrobial Dosing, Non-dialysis

Indication CrCl > 60 mL/min 40 - 59 mL/min 25 - 39 mL/min 10 - 24 mL/min
CMV Treatment 900 mg PO q12h 450 mg PO q12h 450 mg PO q24h 450 mg PO every other day
CMV Prophylaxis 900 mg PO q24h 450 mg PO q24h 450 mg PO q48h 450 mg PO twice weekly

Dosing: Antimicrobial Dosing in Intermittent & Continuous Hemodialysis


Intermittent Hemodialysis

Continuous Hemodialysis
CMV Treatment 450 mg PO x1 now and post-HD 450 mg PO q24h
CMV Prophylaxis 450 mg PO twice weekly 450 mg PO q48h

Dialysis Notes

Intermittent HD assumes high-flux hemodialysis. CRRT assumes CVVHD with ultrafiltration rate 2L/h and residual native GFR < 10 mL/min.  For detailed view of dialysis dosing and evidence, see Dosing in Hemodialysis document.

*IV ganciclovir prefferred for initiation of therapy for unstable renal function or in dialysis

Take with food