UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Antimicrobial Susceptibility: E. coli Susceptibility Among Outpatients


The predominant organism causing urinary tract infections among outpatients is E. coli.  Sensitivities for E. coli isolates submitted for outpatients in 2019 are summarized below.  Note that these may underestimate the likelihood of resistance among patients with extensive prior antimicrobial treatment.

Drug Percent susceptible (of 31 isolates; 95% CI)
Cephalexin* 97 (83, 99)
TMP/SMX 70 (52,86)
Ciprofloxacin 83 (66,95)
Nitrofurantoin** 100 (89,100)

* Cephalexin susceptibility determined using breakpoint = 16 for uncomplicated UTI, based on cefazolin MIC. Note when interpreting the Microbiology report for patients with uncomplicated UTI, please refer to the footnote for appropriate interpretation in this context. 

** Nitrofurantoin should only be used for cystitis, in patients with CrCl>60ml/min