UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Antimicrobial Susceptibility: E. coli Susceptibility Among Outpatients

The predominant organism causing urinary tract infections among outpatients is E. coli.  Sensitivities for E. coli isolates submitted for outpatients in 2016-2018 are summarized below.  Note that these may underestimate the likelihood of resistance among patients with extensive prior antimicrobial treatment.

Drug Percent susceptible (of 182 isolates; 95% CI)
Cephalexin* 92 (87, 96)
TMP/SMX 75 (68,81)
Ciprofloxacin 92 (87,95)
Nitrofurantoin** 99 (97,100)

* Cephalexin susceptibility determined using breakpoint = 16 for uncomplicated UTI, based on cefazolin MIC

** Nitrofurantoin should only be used for cystitis, in patients with CrCl>60ml/min