Polices and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Microbiology Results & Infectious Disease-Related Questions (UCSF West Bay Sites)

Resources for frequently asked questions, guidance on who to contact in certain situations.

Vancomycin Initial Dosing Nomogram

Initial dosing nomogram for patients initiated on vancomycin per pharmacy.

VASF Beta-Lactam Test Dosing Protocol

SFVA protocol for beta-lactam test dosing

Antimicrobial Therapy Plans for IV Antimicrobials at 4C - How To Guide

This how-to guide is intended for ZSFG providers to illustrate how to place an antimicrobial therapy plan for IV antimicrobial administration at 4C, our on campus infusion center, to facilitate discharge for patients who require IV antimicrobials. All antimicrobial plans at 4C require approval by ID consult (443-2847). For questions about antimicrobial therapy plans, please contact the ZSFG ID Pharmacist on Epic chat.

ZSFG Inpatient Beta-Lactam Allergy Test Dose Guidance

This guidance document includes supplemental information to educate providers on the rationale and role of beta-lactam test dosing to evaluate documented allergies among inpatients at ZSFG.

Extended Infusion Beta-Lactams

Adult Extended Infusion Beta-Lactam Guideline for ceftazidime, cefepime, and meropenem

Process for Ordering Restricted Antimicrobials at UCSFMC & UCSFBCH

Step-by-step procedure for ordering restricted antimicrobials

VASF Restricted Antimicrobials

Criteria for use of restricted antimicrobials at VASF

ZSFG Restricted Antimicrobials

Restricted antimicrobials at ZSFGH